Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Unique Full Service A.I.in North Texas

ZNT Cattle Co. provides a truly unique service in the North Texas area. 

  • Do you have just a couple of cows and can not justify a bull?  ZNT is the answer
  • Do you work full time, and don't have time to heat check every day?  ZNT is the answer
  • Are you a small operation that does not have facilities to work cattle? ZNT is the answer
  • Need blood drawn and mailed for pregnancy confirmation?  ZNT is the answer
Our service allows owners to just drop off their cows, pairs, or heifers, and we take care of all the synchronization shots, heat checking, and artificial insemination.  This is all usually done over an 10-13 day period.  All the owner has to do is pick up the cattle when complete.  

NO semen tank, NO PROBLEM!  Customers can have semen shipped directly to our farm where semen can be held for insemination.

Groups start every other Wednesday through the entire spring.  Contact Zane Mai to schedule your cattle.  817-233-9357 call or text

Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentines for your Cows

Talk about a bull that have come on over the winter!  This is an ET calf out of Gucci and our ZNT American Hope 903W donor cow.  He is double bred low birth weight, and that is proven with his 68# birth weight.  On top of that, This 3/4 Maine bull's pedigree is loaded with eye appeal, maternal genetics, and hair.  TH and PHA clean on top of all that.  Contact Zane Mai at 817-233-9357 to schedule a visit to see him or the other bulls we have available.

Friday, January 19, 2018

2018 Ft. Worth Stock Show Special

Image result for fort worth stock show logo


From now thru February 4th, ZNT is offering the following:

-10% discount on all of our bulls listed on our website, plus 10 free units of ZNT Montego Bay

-ZNT Montego Bay Semen $10/unit on a minimum of 5 units

-ZNT Moves Like Jagger Semen for $10/unit on a minimum of 5 units

-ZNT Triple X Semen for $25/unit with a limit of 10 units per costomer.

We are located just 45 minutes from the Stock Show grounds, so if you are planning on visiting the stock show, you are welcome to park your trailer at our farm.

Contact Zane Mai if any of these great offers interest you.  

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2018 New Year's Feature

No better way to kick off the New Year than to add this powerhouse to your bull battery.  He is a 3/8 Maine/9.78% Chi bull who's sire is out of Northern Improvement, and his dam is straight out of the ZNT donor program.  He is a thick made, wide based bull that goes back to great maternal genetics on both sides.  Did I forget to mention he only had a 63# birth weight on top of it?!?  He is the total package for the spring breeding season.

Bulls Available


The "For Sale Page" has been updated with our currently yearling bulls available for this Winter breeding season. All bulls are percentage Maine Anjou genetics out of cows from our donor program, with moderate birthweights, along with a balanced amount of muscle and maternal genetics.  Year after year, our customers have been very pleased with their bull purchases, and amazed by the quality of their daughters as they perform in their herds.  Letting go of any of the heifers has been the hardest decisions.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pre-Breeding Checklist

I know many of you are just starting the fall calving season, but as the calves hit the ground, it is never to early to start planning to re-breed those cows and heifers.  Here is a list of things that can make your fall breeding go the best it can.

For me, it can be broken down into two basic categories:  Nutrition and Health

Nutrition:  Once a cow has calved, her nutritional needs change drastically from when she was pregnant.  Your cow is now eating to provide nutrition for her recovery, along with providing all the nutritional requirements her newborn calf requires.  In most cases, these increased needs can be met by using a protein source in conjunction with the nutrients provided by grazing.  Other cases may require the use of supplemental energy and protein to meet these needs.  Proper vitamin and mineral needs can be achieved through basic supplemental feed such as range cubes, the use of injectable nutrients such as MultiMin 90, or by well balanced mineral supplements like Concept-Aid.  The key to good conception rates is achieved by having the cattle gaining weight going into breeding season, along with allowing the cows 60-90 days post-partum to be physically and hormonally ready to breed.

Health:  The other half of the equation is making sure your cows are vaccinated annually for many of the diseases that can cause low conception rates in cows, and lower mortality in their calves.  My recommendations are to give a dose of Vira-Shield, 7-way, Stay-bred, and wormer (injectable or pour-on)  Vaccinations should be done at least 2 weeks prior to cows being set up for A.I., or being turned out with bulls.  In the South, wormer for parasites should be applied 2-3 times per year.

On top of the preparation of your cows and heifers for calving, this is the time to start evaluating your herd concerning operational goal, genetic outcomes from your current calf crop, and genetic goals for your future.  By planning ahead, you can save yourself money, and sometimes a lot of headache trying to get semen on the perfect bull for your cow.

Best of luck with your calving season, and don't forget to contact ZNT when making plans to breed those heifers, or those cows you just got done calving out.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Bred Cattle Special Offer

ZNT is offering up a tremendous donor cow that is proven to produce cattle that are marketable throughout the country, and a daughter of this donor cow that is bred to one of the highest performing easy calving Angus bulls in the industry.  Both are TH and PHA Free by pedigree.  See our "For Sale" page for more information and details on these two individuals.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Show Heifer Delight

This little girl is quick out of the blocks to impress.  She is a solid bred heifer going back to Green Valley Cattle and ZNT genetics. Don't miss out on this Purebred Maine heifer, she has a very bright future.  She is a Jan 2017 daughter of GVC Suh, and a very consistent ZNT Montego Bay cow.  

Saturday, March 4, 2017

ZNT Bull Update

Updated videos and pictures of bulls available from ZNT Cattle Co.  These bulls are a product of years of genetic selection at ZNT, which focuses on birth weight, maternal genetics, muscle, structure, and eye appeal.  Even if you have an effective A.I. program, these bull can definitely supplement that with genetics that are comparable, and as effective as any of the bulls you can purchase semen on.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Bull Power at ZNT

ZNT has the bull power to meet your needs this winter and spring breeding season. Come take a look at the genetics that have been just as successful in the pasture as they have been in the showring.  You won't be disappointed.  Contact Zane at 817-233-9357 to schedule your visit.

ZNT Double Eagle 510C ET
Late May 2015 Polled 3/4 Maine Bull
Sire:  Predator 19U
Dam:  ZNT Jenna (dam of Montego Bay and Moves Like Jagger)
BW:  73#         PHA and TH Free
Price: $4,000
Flushmate to ZNT Double Eagle
Senior Calf Champion Maine - 2016 Ft Worth Jr Heifer Show

GLXY Astroid 511C ET
Late December 2015 Polled PB Maine Bull
Sire:  Gucci
Dam:  ZNT Autumn (SZH Deuces Are Wild x JAZX Audrey 352N)
BW:  80#         PHA and TH Free
Price: $3,500