Saturday, March 14, 2015

High % Chi Bull Prospect

This guy will rock your world.  He is a Dec 20th bull calf out of PDM Daddy Of 'Em All and a SZH Deuces Are Wild x JAZX Audrey cow.  He is PHA and TH Free by parentage, can be registered as a 9.38% Chi and a 3/8 Maine.  93# Birth Weight.  Some people may want to make him a show steer, but you breed this stud to a Monopoly daughter, and you still make 6.25% Chi to meet the new requirements.  Calf is 85 days old in these pictures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cow Buying Opportunity

Our family has made the decision to sell some of our foundation cows.  These cows have been the framework to ZNT, but with so much of their genetics within our herd, we feel it is a good time to pass these genetics on while these cows have productive years remaining.  Most of these cows have been flushed by us. All cows are registered Maine, and all do, or can have Chi papers.  Cows can be purchased individually, or as a package deal.

Contact Zane Mai for any questions about cows or pricing.  817-233-9357

ZNT Jenna 707T
Polled 3/4 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/30/07
AMAA # 378987 ACA # P337003
Sire: CMAC Hard Core 
Dam: JAZX Audrey 352N
Res. Sr. Calf Champion 2009 Houston Open Maine Show
Dam of ZNT Montego Bay, ZNT Moves Like Jagger, and ZNT Magic Mike
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to Total Improvement (Chi) on 12/10/14

ZNT American Hope 903W
Polled 1/2 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/11/09
AMAA # 402304 ACA # P345800
Sire: CMAC Hard Core 
Dam: CTR Sweet Success 2
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to BNZW Gucci on 12/11/14

JAZX Audrey 352N
Polled 1/2 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/29/03
AMAA # 330284 ACA # P303231
Sire: CTR Success 02K 
Dam: JAZX Ms. 720G
PHA and TH Free
Dam of ZNT Jenna, ZNT Triple X, along with many more outstanding cows and bulls
Sells bred to SZH Deuces Are Wild on 12/13/14

ZNT Liberty Belle 002X
Polled 3/4 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 8/8/10
AMAA # 414507 ACA # Papers Available
Sire: GVC Fortune & Glory 01U 
Dam: JAZX Audrey 352N
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to Predator on 12/5/14

Picture Not Available

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Years Semen Sale

Semen Sale!!!!

To kick off 2015, ZNT Cattle Co. is offering specials on our sires, along with bulls in which we have excess inventory in our tanks.  Semen can be picked up at the farm, or shipped directly from the corresponding collection centers for ZNT sires where applicable.  Prices are based on the purchase of a full lot, and discounts are available for those who wish to combine multiple lots into one purchase.

Lot 1    GVC Suh 01W (PB Maine          5 units x $35 = $175
Lot 2    The Maine Man (PB Maine)      3 units x $20 = $60
Lot 3    CMAC Hardcore (PB Maine)    1 unit x $18 = $18
Lot 4    Cookie Monster (Chi cross)       1 unit x $10 = $10
Lot 5    Star Power (Simi)                        1 unit x $15 = $15
Lot 6    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 7    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 8    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 9    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 10  ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 11  ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*

* Montego Bay semen can also be shipped from, or picked up at REI in Stillwater, OK.  Shipping expenses will be buyer's responsibility.

Friday, October 31, 2014

The I-80 Alternative - With Power

For those of you wanting to use I-80, but don't want to fork out the extra cash, We have the SOLUTION!

Pedigree - Purebred Maine Sire - Tyson (Ali)   Dam - Hardcore
                  THF and PHAF

Proven in the Pasture-  Proven heifer safe throughout the country

Proven in the Sale Ring - Calves are easily marketable.
        i.e. High Selling Lot in the 2013 Bluebonnets & Buckles Sale

Extra Bonus - Polled, Solid Black, and Registered Chimaine

Price - $25/unit  Volume discounts available for 10 units or more

Available:  Bull Barn Genetics
                   SEK Genetics
                   Executive Sires

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Must Use Maine Bulls For Fall 2014

Make ZNT your source for the most consistent Maine Anjou bulls on the market.  All of ZNT's A.I. sires are Solid Black, High % Maine bulls who are TH and PHA Free and bred for moderate birth weights and excellent maternal traits.  All bulls are listed with SEK Genetics and Bull Barn Genetics for easy shipping directly to your door step.

Contact Zane Mai for information on volume discounts of 10 units or more.  817-233-9357


ZNT Moves Like Jagger
PB Maine sired by GVC Suh
Cool fronted, heavy muscled sire that
works on small to medium frame cows.
Birthweights on first calf crop have been in the 60's and 70;s
Sire:  Moves Like Jagger
MLJ heifers out of Angus Cows
Sire:  Moves Like Jagger
MLJ bull calf out of a BK Top Secret cow

Sire:  Moves Like Jagger
Hours old MLJ bull calf out of a PB Maine cow

ZNT Montego Bay 901W
PB Maine sired by CMAC Tyson
Heavy muscled, great haired, and clean fronted sire that has
proven himself as the ultimate I-80 alternative both for great quality
calves and easy calving.  Works perfect on those
medium to large frame cows and heifers.
Sire:  Montego Bay
Res Maine Ring A & B
Riley Roundup for MS
Sire:  Montego Bay
High Selling Lot in the
2013 Bluebonnets & Buckles Sale
ZNT Triple X
3/4 Maine sired by CMAC Hardcore
This dual registered Maine and Chimaine sire has proven himself time and time again
that he is a legitimate contender in the easy calving Maine Anjou "Must Use" list.
Calves are born small, and then start packing on the muscle.   He has proven that he is not only
safe for heifers, but also safe in the show ring with the most discriminating judge.
Works great on small to medium frame cows and heifers

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Montego Bay Calves Dominate

Great weekend for the Wesley Ruddick family of Texas at the Delaney Mancil Memorial Show in Decatur, TX.  ZNT Montego Bay sired the Res. Overall Steer and Grand Maine Heifer, among additional class winners and breed honors.

Make sure to include Montego Bay in your breeding plans for this fall.  Semen available through SEK Genetics, Bull Barn Genetics, or most of the ZNT Montego Bay Syndicate owners.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Heading to Arizona

One last clip job before this young stud heads to his new home.  Thank you to the Walker Family of Arizona for purchasing this Gucci x ZNT Autumn 112Y (SZH Deuces are Wild x Audrey) bull calf.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Bull Preview 2014

If you are going to be looking for a Maine Bull this winter.  Make ZNT your first call.  Here are 2 bull prospects that ZNT will have for sale this winter.  More pictures and videos of these bulls on our "For Sale" page.

Jan 2014 PB Maine
Sire:  BNZW Gucci
Dam:  SZH Deuces Are Wild x JAZX Audrey 352N
BW:  82#      PHA and TH Free by Parentage
Price:  SOLD

Sept 2013 PB Maine
Sire:  ZNT Moves Like Jagger
Dam:  BK Top Secret x DMCC Jazz
BW:  65#   PHA and TH Free by Parentage
Price SOLD

Friday, June 27, 2014

Moves Like Jagger Summer Lease

ZNT Moves Like Jagger is available for a 30-60 day lease beginning July 1st, 2014.  The bull is currently located in North Texas.  What a great opportunity to get be able to natural service your cows with one of the top Purebred Maine bulls to come out in 2012.  First calves look awesome, and have been very well received.

Contact Zane Mai for more information.  817-233-9357 call or text

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Maine Calving Ease Sires

The cattle industry is at a crossroads and the Maine Anjou breed specifically.  We (ZNT Cattle) have strived for years to produce Maine Anjou cattle with moderate birth weights, superior maternal characteristics, and free of genetic defects yet are still able to compete in the show ring and on the rail.  We feel Montego Bay and Triple X are the culmination of our herd direction.

Montego Bay's first calf crop has exceeded our expectations with his ability to produce low birth weights and calving ease without compromising muscle and style.  He has consistently stamped his calves with a look and hair that will catch your eye.  Calves have been averaging in the 60-70 pound range out of heifers and 70-80 pound range out of cows. Blood lines and the structural correctness in the calves tell us that his females should go on to make excellent replacement females and bull calves should be marketable as either bulls or show steers.  Our observations are that he is a perfect match for medium to large framed heifers and cows.  More information about Montego Bay {here} and click {here} for past blogs and pictures of calves.

Triple X's true value is now being realized as heifers out of him enter production themselves.  He has proven himself as a heifer-safe sire that provides that extra performance and style.  Offspring have been very competitive in the show ring and are now just as competitive in the pasture as cows.  Birth weights have been in the 60-80 pound range but he provides a smooth shoulder that makes him not just a low birth weight bull, but provides true calving ease.  He is a great match for small to medium framed cattle and cattle that need that extra look.  More information about Triple X can be found {here} and click {here} for past blogs related to Triple X.