Friday, January 29, 2016

Senior Calf Champion - 2016 Ft Worth Jr Maine Show

Senior Calf Champion - 2016 Ft. Worth
 Stock Show Jr. Maine Show

Senior Calf Champion Maine - 2016 Ft Worth Jr. Maine Show
Sired:  Predator
Dam:  ZNT Jenna 707T
Bred by ZNT, Raised by Whitby Family
Sold by ZNT and placed by Baldwin Show Cattle
Shown by Maddy Reed
Watch for more females like this from ZNT Cattle Co, and watch for more information on a May 2015 born flushmate bull calf to this great female that ZNT will be marketing this spring.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Bull Power at ZNT

ZNT has the bull power to meet your needs this spring breeding season. Come take a look at the genetics that have been just as successful in the pasture as they have been in the showring.  You won't be disappointed.  Contact Zane at 817-233-9357 to schedule your visit.

January 2015 PB Maine Bull

Sept 2014 PB Maine Bull
Fertility tested and ready to turn out

The bull pictured above is available for immediate pick-up.  Stop by to see him, or several of our younger bull prospects that will be ready for spring breeding season.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

For The Library

Just got this in the mail. Perfect addition to your children's book collection from Rachel Cutrer. My daughter loved the book, and was able to relate to much of it from her growing up around showing from a very young age. 

You can easily get the book through Amazon or directly from the Ranch House Design website.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

T: My Why

Why do we raise cattle?  I get asked this fairly often.

My answer started with, "because it's what my (then-new) husband loves."  I always joke that I married into this business - even though Zane lived in an apartment in the city when I met him.  But this --- this business, this passion --- it's part of him.  And I married all of him.  Even what I didn't understand...yet.

Early on, I was appalled with the way that money can corrupt this business.  I always thought of farming as something that was family-centered and wholesome.  Some of the things I've seen in this show cattle world are anything but .... and it started making me question a lot of things.

Opinion aside, I saw how the money can drive people to do things that I don't think they'd do otherwise.  Everyone wants to win.  Everyone wants to sell the high-dollar calf.  Everyone wants to be that breeder.  And it seemed at times that cheating, lying, or being deceitful might be the way people truly get there.

And then I started looking deeper.

At the real heroes of this industry.

There are countless people out there doing it right. Doing it truthfully.  Doing it with integrity.   And working their tails off to make it happen.

14 years in this and I can say I know why we do this.  We do this because it's something we enjoy.  We enjoy doing a project as a family where we can teach our now-12-year-old daughter about financial decisions, dedication, transparency, hard work, and dignity.

But more than that, we do it for the kids' faces I see in the ring when they win.  We do it for the kids' whose faces we see when they don't win, but they still get to hold their head high after we talk about what an amazing job they've done working at Chick-Fil-A to earn money to buy feed and still made time to be a great student and work with their calves.

We do it because we believe in the genetics we've raised, we believe in the program we've created .... and we believe in this industry as a whole.

Sure, there are sour apples out there, but there are many, many hard-working families out there sacrificing so much to make this happen --- not just the cattle industry, but the show cattle thing.

And I couldn't be more proud to be part of this family.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Montego Bay Does It Again

Congratulations to Sarah Martin for exhibiting the Champion Maine in both Ring A and B and 5th Overall Steer, along with exhibiting the Champion Brangus Steer in both rings at the 2015 Riley Roundup for MS.  Both steers were sired by Montego Bay, and raised Ruddick Show Cattle of Decatur, TX.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Yearling Solid Red PB Maine Bull For Sale

Now that fall calving season is in full swing, it is time to start thinking about what to breed your cows back to.  You will have to travel quite a ways to find a solid red bull with the genetics and phenotype like this one has.  He is a polled, Purebred Maine bull, with loads of muscle, and a moderate birthweight.  With the high price of cattle these days, how can you not afford to not have this stud working for you?  Sired by Moves Like Jagger, and out of a solid bred BK Top Secret x Jazz cow from Buck Cattle Co. with only a 74# birthweight.  This bull was born on Sept. 11, 2014. He is fertility tested and ready to go. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

New Additions to our "For Sale" Page

Here are a couple recent additions to cattle on our "For Sale" page on

Sept 2014 Polled Purebred Maine bull sired by Maine Man - SOLD

Sept 2014 Polled Purebred Maine heifer sired by GVC Hawkeye - SOLD

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Spring Semen Sale

Semen Sale!!!!

To kick off 2015, ZNT Cattle Co. is offering specials on our sires, along with bulls in which we have excess inventory in our tanks.  Semen can be picked up at the farm, or shipped directly from the corresponding collection center where applicable.  Prices are based on the purchase of a full lot, and discounts are available for those who wish to combine multiple lots into one purchase.

Lot 1    GVC Suh 01W (PB Maine)               SOLD
Lot 2    The Maine Man (PB Maine)      3 units x $20 = $60
Lot 3    CMAC Hardcore (PB Maine)    1 unit x $18 = $18
Lot 4    Cookie Monster (Chi cross)       1 unit x $10 = $10
Lot 5    Star Power (Simi)                        1 unit x $15 = $15
Lot 6    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 7    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 8    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 9    ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 10  ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*
Lot 11  ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $15 = $75*

* Montego Bay semen can also be shipped from, or picked up at REI in Stillwater, OK.  Shipping expenses will be buyer's responsibility.

The I-80 Alternative - With Power

For those of you wanting to use I-80, but don't want to fork out the extra cash, We have the SOLUTION!

Pedigree - Purebred Maine Sire - Tyson (Ali)   Dam - Hardcore
                  THF and PHAF

Proven in the Pasture-  Proven heifer safe throughout the country

Proven in the Sale Ring - Calves are easily marketable.
        i.e. High Selling Lot in the 2013 Bluebonnets & Buckles Sale

Extra Bonus - Polled, Solid Black, and Registered Chimaine

Price - $25/unit  Volume discounts available for 10 units or more

Available:  Bull Barn Genetics
                   SEK Genetics
                   Executive Sires

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Springfield Bound? Not Too Late! - SOLD

If you are serious about going to the Maine Anjou Jr. Nationals in Springfield, then you need to be serious about adding this heifer to your string.  Not too late to beat the May 1st ownership deadline.

3/4 Maine heifer that was born 9/11/14, is TH and PHA Free, polled, and sound.  She is mostly halter broke, so it won't take much at all to have her ready to go.

Give Zane a call to get her added to your entries.  817-233-9357