Monday, March 2, 2020

Unique Full Service North Texas

ZNT Cattle Co. provides a truly unique service in the North Texas area. 

  • Do you have just a couple of cows and can not justify a bull?  ZNT is the answer
  • Do you work full time, and don't have time to heat check every day?  ZNT is the answer
  • Are you a small operation that does not have facilities to work cattle? ZNT is the answer
  • Need blood drawn and mailed for pregnancy confirmation?  ZNT is the answer
Our service allows owners to just drop off their cows, pairs, or heifers, and we take care of all the synchronization shots, heat checking, and artificial insemination.  This is all usually done over an 10-13 day period.  All the owner has to do is pick up the cattle when complete.  

NO semen tank, NO PROBLEM!  Customers can have semen shipped directly to our farm where semen can be held for insemination.

Groups start every other Wednesday through the entire spring.  Contact Zane Mai to schedule your cattle.  817-233-9357 call or text

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spring Offering By Randy and Carol Petty

We just finished cleaning up and picturing some great prospects from Randy and Carol Petty of Boyd, TX.  They have been a great partner with ZNT Cattle Co, and even the base genetics of their herd came from the top end of our cow herd at ZNT.  These cattle are worth the time to look at, and to add to your herd.

Go to the "For Sale Page" for more information on these cattle, along with other cattle available at ZNT Cattle Co.

3/4 Maine Bull Sired by All That Matters

August 2019 Fu Man Chu Heifer Propect

August Fu Man Chu Bull/Steer Prospect