Sunday, July 22, 2012

What CMT Should Play

I know most of you have seen these, but for those that haven't, you will really enjoy.  Here is what is really going on in those "Fly Over States."

London 2012

The 2012 London Olympics are upon us.  Our family loves watching the Olympics, and this year is even more special.  As a kid, specifically while watching Carl Lewis and Mary Lou Retton in the 1984 Summer Olympics in L.A., my fire was lit to someday compete in the Olympics.  Though my dream never came true, it brings me even more joy to be a parent and see the same fire being lit in my daughter. 

In honor of this year’s Olympics, its athletes, and all the parents and coaches, here is a little something my wife and I put together.  This is the same philosophy we use as parents with our daughter for not only her sports, but her education, her animals, and her life in general.

 May the spirit of the Olympics run through all of our HEARTS!