Tuesday, April 6, 2021

GLXY Southbound 35 For Sale

Ready to bring some growth and power to your herd?  Southbound 35 is the bull for you!  Lots of bone and hip, yet still brings that growth that many sires are lacking these days.  Not only does he have the look and stats, he also measured 40cm Scrotal Circumference at just 12-1/2 months of age, and tested excellent for mobility.  Get him now and turn him out soon!

Sire:  I-67
Dam:  I Da Man x JAZX Audrey 352N
DOB:  3/17/20
Dual Registered:  3/8 Maine and 12.36% Chi
BW - 89#
TH and PHA Free by parentage
Smooth Polled
Price:  $3000