About Us

For all those that do not know me, my name is Zane Mai, co-owner of Z-N-T Cattle Co., along with my lovely and very smart and talented wife, Traci, and our daughter, Natalie.  We have a small cow/calf operation just outside of Ft. Worth.  We also provide cattle services ranging from A.I.ing, clipping and grooming, to marketing, for newbies to the cattle world all the way to veterans of the cattle business.
 My experience to the cattle business started over 30 years ago when I purchased my first steer to show.  Then it moved on to my first set of cows to start raising show cattle and breeding cattle.  In college, I majored in Animal Science, with a specialization in Beef Production and Reproduction at the University of Nebraska.  GO HUSKERS!!  Between the years of hands-on practical experience living the cattle business life, working at a local vet clinic for 3 years, and the technical knowledge I learned both in and out of school, gives me a wealth of information to share.

My goal in this blog is to provide real time informative blogs and videos as they happen on our cattle operation, along with additional knowledge I amassed while growing up and ranching in Nebraska.

Hope you enjoy!