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Bulls For Sale (published 10/9/18)

Sept 2017 5/8 Maine Bull
Sire:  SZH Deuces Are Wild (Sooner x Jazz)
Dam:  I Da Man x JAZX Audrey 352N
BW:  78#
TH and PHA Free
Price:  $2500


Pic taken Feb 2018
Sire: Gucci
Dam: ZNT American Hope 903W
3/4 Maine Anjou
TH and PHA Free by pedigree
68 lb. Birth Weight
Price: $2,500



Semen For Sale

ZNT Cattle Co. is offering specials on our sires, along with bulls in which we have excess inventory in our tanks.  Semen can be picked up at the farm, or shipped directly from the corresponding collection center where applicable.  Prices are based on the purchase of a full lot, and discounts are available for those who wish to combine multiple lots into one purchase.

The Maine Man (PB Maine)      3 units x $20 = $60
Star Power (Simi)                        1 unit x $15 = $15
ZNT Montego Bay (PB Maine)  5 units x $10 = $60