Saturday, December 17, 2011

"It`s Not About Winning, It`s About Deserving To Win" By Larissa Lupul

Below was taken from a post on  It is a very well written essay that really puts winning in perspective.  Congratulations to Larissa for your prize winning essay and your maturity at such a young age.

This is an essay I wrote for the 2011 Canadian Junior Hereford Bonanza Essay Competition. It won first place in the intermediate category and was published in the summer issue of Hereford's Today. I was asked by a Steer Planet member to post it on here. Hope you enjoy & feel free to give me your thoughts on it. - Larissa Lupul

"It`s Not About Winning, It`s About Deserving To Win"
By: Larissa Lupul

“It’s not about winning” These are four words that most people hear hundreds of times throughout their childhood. When someone would say that phrase to me I used to nod my head politely and pretend to agree with them. But I always felt that these were words designed to make the loser feel good even though in the eyes of everyone watching the competition ultimately, they were still the loser. My perspective on these words has changed as a direct result of four important events in my nine year career showing Polled Hereford cattle.

     The first event goes back to Agribition 2008. This was my second year at the show and I had brought my heifer Tango as a yearling. She had placed at the top of her class two weeks earlier at FarmFair and with my lack of knowledge about showring politics I thought she could easily do it again in Regina. After placing at the bottom of both her open Hereford and junior classes, I was quite upset. As I was standing near the hitching ring with Tango, not wanting to go back to the stall and admit to placing last again, a man I had never met walked up to me with his hand out. I stared at it for a few seconds before I realized he wanted me to shake his hand. When he said the word “Congratulations” I had to try my best not to get angry. I was the loser, why would he say congratulations to me? Finally I composed myself and replied “Thank you but why? I didn’t win” He got a smile on his face and didn’t ask, but stated “The show program says your heifer was bred and owned by you”. I was still puzzled that was no reason to congratulate me. “And did you know that you were the only junior in your class whose animal was bred and owned?” He questioned. I shook my head. He then went on to explain to me that in the eyes of the judge my heifer was not a winner, but in the eyes of many I still was because I had put so much thought and work into Tango; everything from breeding her dam to getting her ready to show. No one bought or picked her out for me. She truly was, and always had been my heifer and for that reason, I was a winner.

      I still have no idea who the man was, where he was from, or if he is even a Hereford breeder; but ever since that conversation with him, I have huge respect for juniors who show bred and owned cattle. I myself make a conscious effort to breed, instead of just buy the best, because I agree with what he said, even if my animals aren’t class winners; when I put that much work into them, I am still winning.

      The second event takes place at my 4-H Heifer Club Show. A young boy in my club who had won champion steer for the past two years was refusing to set up his heifer’s feet in the showring. I knew he was fairly skilled at showmanship so I asked him why he wouldn’t set up his heifer. He answered “I only try when I’m going to win and I’m not going to win so why should I try?” This answer completely shocked me. Whenever I was in a situation where I was sure my animal wouldn’t win, I would use it as motivation to try harder, not to give up. Since that day, I always compare myself to that boy. Even if he is the one winning grand champion steer, I feel that I am winning in the long run because I am putting in the time and effort and I know that when I do win it is because I deserve it.

      The third event that changed my perspective on the phrase “It’s not about wining” happened at the Vermillion Fair during the summer of 2010. I had just gotten back from Bonanza in Quebec when I got an invite in the mail for the show. I really wanted to attend it so I packed up my tack and heifer Whiplash and headed to Vermillion.  Because I only brought one animal, my day was finished early so I ended up helping a friend with his Red Angus animals. He had three head in the championship class and the beautiful little heifer calf that I lead won Reserve Champion Female. But as the crowd clapped -assuming I was the owner- I felt nothing. I was happy for my friend and it was nice to lead the champion, but I didn’t deserve the applause. The fact that I had lead a winner, that didn’t make me one. This was the moment it finally clicked in my head, winning isn’t everything.

      The fourth and final event takes us back to the Agribition Canadian Junior Beef Extreme 2010.  I had been woken up an hour earlier than planned, so it was 2:45 am when we got to the barns. It was a little earlier than I liked to be awake, but I wanted my heifer to look good. And let me tell you, she did. When we finally stepped into the ring, we were unstoppable. Whiplash behaved better than she ever had in her whole show career and the judge noticed. Every heifer in the Hereford yearling heifer class was great, but I honestly believed that mine was better. The whole time I was in the ring -which was quite a while because it was a big class- I kept thinking ‘I deserve this. Whiplash deserves this. Everyone who has helped me during my years of showing cattle deserves this’. Although I wanted to win, even if the judge didn’t place my animal first, I would be a winner. Whiplash was bred and owned, the only one in her class too, I had put my blood, sweat and even a few tears into her. I had worked on her for months, even though I knew I would be competing against big name breeders who had been doing this since before I was born, deep down, I knew I deserved to win. And the judge thought so to. Whiplash won her yearling class and then won the Hereford division to be named the 2010 Canadian Junior Beef Extreme Champion Hereford!

      On the drive home from Agribition, I was quieter than usual. I was thinking about my win with Whiplash and the lessons I had learned during my past few years showing cattle. These are the most important ones I came up with.

People take note when you breed instead of buy the good ones; it really is worth it to show bred and owned cattle. Just because you probably won’t win does not mean you cannot try; there’s always someone watching to see how much effort you put in. It’s no fun to win if you didn’t work for it; even if no one else notices, deep down you won’t really be satisfied. And from these showring lessons I have learned one huge life lesson: It’s not about winning; it’s about deserving to win

Monday, November 7, 2011

2011 Embryo Calf Preview

Had a great trip to Gladewater, TX to see several of our embryo calves at Paul Fowler's. 
GVC Suh Bull Calf

2-week-old Montego Bay bull calf

2-wk-old Montego Bay bull calf

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Texas NASCAR Fans

NASCAR is in Texas this week and the Sprint Cup battle is heating up. We invite all you race fans to stop by ZNT Cattle Co. while you are in town for the race. We are located just 15 minutes West of Texas Motor Speedway.

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Montego Bay Calf Hits Auction Block

The first Montego Bay calf hit the auction block in the 2011 Buck Cattle Co. Fall Premier Sale. It was a September born bull calf that sold at side of a powerful Wisdom X Parker first calf heifer.

The pair brought $8750!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Marty Krueger (Wisconsin) Montego Bay Calves

Here are some pics we recieved from Marty Krueger in Wisconsin. All 3 calves pictured were fall born calves that were born unassisted (1 first calf heifer, 2 second calf heifers). Montego Bay is throwing them light, and throwing them good. All over the U.S.!

Montego Bay x Hardcore Heifer - out of a first calf heifer

Montego Bay x Angus - out of second calf heifer

Montego Bay x Angus - out of a second calf heifer

Monday, September 26, 2011

Maine Education Thank You

I want to give a huge thanks to all the people that attended Maine Education on Saturday. Your participation made the event a big success. Thank you to all the sponsors and donors who were able to raise a significant amount of money for the TMAA and their contributions to youth activities.

I also want to thank all those that took advantage of our Montego Bay semen special we offered at Maine Education.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome Home

After about 9 months of breeding heifers and cows, Montego Bay came home. This picture is of him at 27 months, right out of the pasture, with no clip job. Won't find many purebred Maine bulls looking this good at this age. Did I mention he did all this in the worst drought in Texas history!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Montego Bay Semen Special

The shareholders of Montego Bay are going to offer a special deal for all those that make an order for Montego Bay semen at Maine Education on September 24th. This will be a one-day-only price of $15/unit with no minimum or maximum purchase.

Contact Zane, or stop by the ZNT display to make your order. Semen will be on hand for those that want to pick up that day.

Montego Bay Calves Arriving

The time has finally arrived. Montego Bay offspring are hitting the ground this fall calving season. Reports have been good. Calves have low birthweights, hairy, and have a solid color pattern. None of the calves have been assisted at birth so far out of either first or second calf heifers.

Check out this 2 day old bull calf out of a Wisdom x Parker first calf heifer. He had a 64# BW.

Stay tuned for more Montego Bay offspring reports as they come in.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1st Montego Bay Born

Just got a text from a breeder that just had the first Montego Bay calf born.

"My wife just called and we had our first calf of the year- a Montego Bay out of a solid black Golden Child. She said it looks good" - Robert Chambers

The calf was born unassisted out of a Golden Child second calf heifer.

Lots of Montego Bay's coming this fall, so watch for more reports as they hit the ground.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maine Education

As many of you know, I was elected to as the Vice President of the Texas Maine Anjou Association earlier this year, but you may not know that I was also made head of the Education Committee for the Association. As a result, MAINE EDUCATION was created.

Maine Education was inspired by my good friend, Chad Hull of Hull Show Cattle, and was created for 3 reasons. First of all, it was designed to provide an educational experience not only to the junior exhibitors of Maine Anjou cattle here in Texas, but for all cattle exhibitors both young and old of all breeds. Second, it serves as a forum to bring together the junior exhibitors and the breeders of Maine Anjou cattle in the State of Texas in one location. Lastly, it proves an event with a large gathering to raise money for the TMAA to fulfill their obligation to support the National Jr. Maine Anjou Show and provide scholarships to the youth.


What:   The event will include:

  • Grooming/Fitting demo provided by Sullivan Supply's “Stock Show U
  • Showmanship demo by the Allgood family
  • Speakers from the National Maine Anjou Office
  • Free t-shirts 
  • Free BBQ dinner provided by Martindale Feed Mill
  • Great prizes to be raffled off, INCLUDING a heifer that is donated by Jerry Gibson of 4J Family Partnership
  • Several booths will be set up by our sponsors, and cattle will be on display from several of our members of the TMAA.

When: September 24th, 2011. Registration will take place from noon to 1pm, with clinics to follow. Dinner around 5-6pm, along with social and a live fundraiser auction afterward, with proceeds going toward the National Jr. Maine Anjou Show and scholarships provided by the TMAA.

Where: Salt Creek Arena in Boyd, TX. Arena is located just South of the intersection of HWY 114 and FM 51 approximately 10 miles South of Decatur, TX, 25 miles North of Weatherford, TX, and 25 miles Northwest of Ft. Worth. Plenty of affordable lodging is available in Decatur, Rhome, and Weatherford.

Cost: FREE, and all youth that attend will receive a raffle ticket for great prizes and the possibility of winning a heifer. Must be present to win! Additional raffle tickets can be purchased by youth, adults, or clubs.

Who: Open to all youth and adults involved in the cattle industry. FFA chapters and 4-H clubs encouraged to attend.

For the latest updates, check out the Maine Education Website or follow Maine Education on Facebook.

Make sure you mark you calendars for September 24th! I really look forward to seeing y’all there.

With any questions, feel free to reach me on my cell 817-233-9357 or by email:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gestation Table for Cattle

I know there are several different places you can find Gestation Tables, but I just thought I would share the link I use regularly to determine calving dates when I am making my breeding plans. Thank you Becky at for providing such a good resource.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Thank You to

Thank you to Jeff at for being our all-time biggest referring site to ZNT Cattle Co. You have a great site filled with the commentary on the latest sires and happenings in the cattle world.  I suggest your site to anyone involved in the cattle industry.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heat Detection in Cattle (Video)

I have put together a short video demonstrating the 3 stages of estrus in cattle.  Many may think this is very basic information, but I remember years ago when we synchronized our first set of cow, and I didn't have a clue what exactly I was looking for when I was sent out to "heat check."

Ideally, a heifer or cow should be inseminated 10 hrs after standing heat ends.  Sounds simple??? Not really.  Cows do not tell us when they start, they don't tell us when they end, and they definitely don't wait for daylight hours to show us.  I typically like to inseminate 12-24 hrs after I observe an animal in "heat."

Here's my rule of thumb:
Heat observed between sunrise and 9am - breed between 6pm-8pm
Heat observed after 9am - breed between 6am-8am of next day

Feel free to email or call me if you have any questions.

Thanks for watching!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Triple X strikes again - Update, She's For Sale!

The Kaz Family has advised me that they would be willing to sell this outstanding heifer.  She is a dual registered Mainetainer and Chimaine.  Born in April of 2010.  An opportunity to purchase a great heifer like this does not come around often.  Call me to see this heifer, and several other powerful heifer prospects.  The trip to Rhome will be worth it.

Originally Posted on Jan 5, 2010
Just had to have a little fun clipping and picturing this Triple X heifer out of a Direct Hit (Heatseeker) x Mercedes cow that was raised by the Kaz Family here in North Texas.  This mating has worked well over the last few years, but this year it really clicked.  We just bred her dam to Montego Bay today.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breeding Season Update

For all those that are on the fence about using Montego Bay on heifers, we are making a mindful effort to get plenty of yearling heifers and first calf heifers bred to him this spring.  We are confident that he will have moderate size calves, but for those of you that are cautious (and should be), we will have a great sampling this fall and next spring to prove either way.  Stay tuned for the calving reports.  Anybody looking at Triple X should know that he is tried and true calving ease, and can be used on heifers confidently.  Triple X is a full brother to Montego Bay's dam.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Are you ready for breeding season?

It is that time of year when we have pastures full of brand new babies, and time to pick which sires to use for this years breeding season.  Make sure to include a few straws of ZNT Triple X and ZNT Montego Bay when selecting your sires.

Triple X is a proven easy calving 3/4 Maine sire.  He is TH and PHA free and will add growth, maternal, and style to your common made cows and heifers.

Semen Available:  $20/unit
SEK Genetics - 800-443-6389
Bull Barn Genetics - 800-535-6173

Montego Bay is the perfect balance of muscle, maternal genetics, and eye appeal.  His 74# birth weight, and going back to both Ali and Hardcore, make him likely to become a dominate polled, purebred Maine easy calving sire.

Semen Available: $25/unit
SEK Genetics - 800-443-6389
Cattle Visions - 866-839-3353
Bull Barn Genetics - 800-535-6173

Mark Your Calendar for Sept. 24th

Everyone needs to mark their calendar for Sept. 24th. This event will be put on by the Texas Maine Anjou Association and hosted at the Decatur Ranch of 4J Family Cattle. Plenty of activities will be available for your young showman. Also there will be opportunities to meet many of the Maine Anjou breeders from the state of Texas, win a heifer and other great prizes in a raffle, and help support the National Jr. Maine Anjou Show. Check out the Maine Education webpage, and the Maine Education Facebook page to keep up with the latest announcements and updates.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ZNT American Hope

Natalie had a great time at the 2011 Ft Worth Stock Show with this daughter of CMAC Hardcore and our CTR Sweet Success donor cow. This 3/4 sib to Jenna is going to make a great addition to our herd, and she makes us very excited about the embryos we have due this fall out of "Sweetie."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vice President of the TMAA

For those of you that have not heard yet, I was recently elected as Vice President of the Texas Maine Anjou Association.  I am excited to take on this new role, and make my impact to the Maine Anjou breed here in Texas.  I am also the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, and part of the TMAA Sale Committee.  Feel free to contact me any time if you have questions about what the association is doing, or if you have comments that you would like to be known to the TMAA Officers and Board.  My phone number is 817-233-9357 and my email is


Zane Mai

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Montego Bay Goes Public

Montego Bay semen will be available publicly in time for the 2011 Spring breeding season. Contact the following major distributors to add a little paradise to your spring semen order.

SEK Genetics - 800-443-6389
Cattle Visions - 866-839-3353
Bull Barn Genetics - 800-535-6173

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

TMAA Silent Auction Fundraiser

Here are the items that have been donated to the Texas Maine Anjou Association Silent Auction that will be held at the 2011 Ft. Worth Stock Show. Bidding begins at 9:00am on Saturday, January 22, and ends at noon on Sunday January 30th. The auction is to raise money for the support of the 2012 National Jr. Maine Anjou Show.

1) Semen: 2 lots of 10 units, DBRS White Lightening 216U MA Reg. #388963
Donated By: Davis Brothers Cattle Co., Waxahachie, TX

2) Semen: 2 lots of 10 units, HAA Bold Move 284T MA Reg. #377332
Donated By: H&H Cross Cover Farms Glen & Connie Hinshaw, Palestine, TX

3) Semen: 1 lot of 10 units, Montego Bay MA Reg. #402303,
Donated By: ZNT Cattle Co. Zane & Traci Mai Rhome, TX

4) Semen:1 lot of 10 units, Nage Top Pick 447
Donated By: Double B Farms. Benny Bransom, Burleson, TX

5) Semen:1 lot of 10 units, BK Warrior 128W MA Reg. #377769
Donated By: Broken Oak Farms, Richard & Marsha Rhodes, Yantis, TX

6) Stained Glass, Texas Flag with a show steer.
Donated By: Fowler Reproductive Services & Jeannie Fowler, Gladewater, TX

7) Stained Glass, Texas Maine-Anjou Logo.
Donated By: Fowler Reproductive Services & Jeannie Fowler, Gladewater, TX

8) Leatherman tool engraved with Jr. Maine-Anjou Assoc.
Donated By: Robbie Swierc, Hobson, TX

9) 2 Pocket knives in carrying case.
Donated By: Robbie Swierc, Hobson, TX

10) Fresh Alaskan Sea Food Gift Certificate $120, with free shipping.
Donated By: Pam Gruchacz & Chris Brown, Juneau, Alaska

11) Custom make hoodie sweater jacket from Purple Banner Designs, gift certificate
Donated By: ZNT Cattle Co. Zane & Traci Mai Rhome, TX

The items will be on display at Fort Worth during the Jr. Meeting on January 22nd
and in the French Room on January 29th. Proceeds go the sponsor the 2012 Jr. National Show.

We will gladly take phone bids; just call Paul Fowler at 903-360-1218.

We could use some more items so please donate something if you can.

ZNT's TMAA Silent Auction Donations

ZNT Cattle Co. is a huge proponent of youth activities, especially those activities of our Texas Jr. Maine Anjou members and Jr. Maine Anjou Members throughout the United States.

Traci and I are proud to offer the following donations to the TMAA Silent Auction being held at the 2011 Ft. Worth Stock Show:
10 unit lot of Montego Bay semen. Montego Bay is one of the most exciting Maine Anjou bulls to hit the scene in 2010. MB was named Jr. Calf Champion Maine Bull at the 2010 Ft. Worth Stock Show on his only outing to the show ring.


A hand stitched custom hoodie from Purple Banner Design. ZNT Cattle will cover the costs of the winning bidder's hoodie that is custom made to their liking. You will see my daughter wearing hers in Ft. Worth.