Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Predator x Jenna Show Heifer Prospects - SOLD

Very exciting to get these 2 ET heifers out of Predator and our ZNT Jenna 707T donor cow. For those that don't know, Jenna is the dam to both ZNT Montego Bay and ZNT Moves Like Jagger.  She is also a full sib to ZNT Triple X. Thank you to the Whitby Family for allowing us to market these heifers for them after purchasing the embryos from us.  Both heifers are 3/4 Maine Anjou, jet black, big footed, smooth polled, and TH and PHA Free. These are the kind that you kick butt in the show ring with, then go on and kick butt with their offspring when they enter the herd.  See our "For Sale" page for additional pictures and prices.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

High % Chi Bull Prospect

This guy will rock your world.  He is a Dec 20th bull calf out of PDM Daddy Of 'Em All and a SZH Deuces Are Wild x JAZX Audrey cow.  He is PHA and TH Free by parentage, can be registered as a 9.38% Chi and a 3/8 Maine.  93# Birth Weight.  Some people may want to make him a show steer, but you breed this stud to a Monopoly daughter, and you still make 6.25% Chi to meet the new requirements.  Calf is 85 days old in these pictures.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cow Buying Opportunity - SOLD

Our family has made the decision to sell some of our foundation cows.  These cows have been the framework to ZNT, but with so much of their genetics within our herd, we feel it is a good time to pass these genetics on while these cows have productive years remaining.  Most of these cows have been flushed by us. All cows are registered Maine, and all do, or can have Chi papers.  Cows can be purchased individually, or as a package deal.

Contact Zane Mai for any questions about cows or pricing.  817-233-9357

ZNT Jenna 707T
Polled 3/4 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/30/07
AMAA # 378987 ACA # P337003
Sire: CMAC Hard Core 
Dam: JAZX Audrey 352N
Res. Sr. Calf Champion 2009 Houston Open Maine Show
Dam of ZNT Montego Bay, ZNT Moves Like Jagger, and ZNT Magic Mike
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to Total Improvement (Chi) on 12/10/14

ZNT American Hope 903W
Polled 1/2 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/11/09
AMAA # 402304 ACA # P345800
Sire: CMAC Hard Core 
Dam: CTR Sweet Success 2
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to BNZW Gucci on 12/11/14

JAZX Audrey 352N
Polled 1/2 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 9/29/03
AMAA # 330284 ACA # P303231
Sire: CTR Success 02K 
Dam: JAZX Ms. 720G
PHA and TH Free
Dam of ZNT Jenna, ZNT Triple X, along with many more outstanding cows and bulls
Sells bred to SZH Deuces Are Wild on 12/13/14

ZNT Liberty Belle 002X
Polled 3/4 Maine Anjou and Chimaine 
DOB 8/8/10
AMAA # 414507 ACA # Papers Available
Sire: GVC Fortune & Glory 01U 
Dam: JAZX Audrey 352N
PHA and TH Free
Sells bred to Predator on 12/5/14

Picture Not Available