Thursday, March 4, 2010

Picture Day at ZNT Cattle Co

Spring time is almost upon us, and the mud has mostly cleared up, so that made today a perfect day to get pictures of some of our cattle here at ZNT Cattle Co. First up was Montego Bay, our Tyson promotion sire out of our ZNT Jenna 707T heifer. He is 8 1/2 months old in this picture. New video can be found on Montego Bay's page.

Second up was ZNT American Hope. She is a Hardcore daughter out of our CTR Sweet Success 2 donor cow. She was born on September 11, 2009. This maintainer heifer is going to be very competitive this coming fall.

Lastly, we have a yearling bull we just put up on our For Sale page. He is an April 2009 5/8 Maine bull sired by ZNT Triple X. He is low birthweight bull raised by the Kaz Family.