Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Montego Bay's New Home

June 17th was a greatly anticipated day since the day we decided that we were going to keep Montego Bay a bull.  Of course we were very excited about the potential he will have on the Maine Anjou breed, and we were thrilled when he was named Jr. Calf Champion Bull at Ft. Worth, but we also knew what was in store as he got older.  These duly expected joys came to a reality as he matured, including pushing over every T-post and electric fence post in his pen and throwing his 10' feed bunk around like it was a rag doll.  I know REI in Stillwater, OK will be much more set up to handle a yearling bull that KNOWS he is a bull.  Here are a couple of pictures of our joyous day, just 2 days before his first birthday.  Updates will be posted as semen becomes available.