Friday, February 28, 2014

Fresh Weaned Montego Bay Steers

Just clipped out just a couple of fall prospect calves that Wesley Ruddick had born this year out of Montego Bay.  Calves have been weaned right at two weeks, and are coming on like crazy. So happy to see on of our partners having such great success with their ZNT genetics.

As quoted by one of the breeders using Montego Bay for natural service, "No matter what type or quality of cow you breed Montego Bay to, the calf will be better than the dam".

Semen available on Montego Bay from SEK Genetics, Cattle Visions, Bull Barn Genetics, or directly from ZNT Cattle Co. and its Montego Bay shareholders.

Sept Montego Bay Steer
Out of a Bojo first calf heifer

Oct Montego Bay Steer
Out of a commercial Black Brockle Face cow